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基本的には海外ドラマ(The Bigbang Theory, Chuck , SHerlockとかとか)通した英語の勉強記録をしつつ、うちなーぐち(沖縄語)やスペイン語、韓国語、中国語もちょこちょこ勉強していきます。





It's time to get up.


What time is it (now)?


It's already seven o'clock?


Is it seven o'clock already?


It's still only this hour?


Okay,I'm gonna get up.


I'm gonna get up on three, two, one.


When I count ten,I'll get up.


I have to get up right now.


Don't hit snooze!


Don't back to sleep!


This sound is noisy.


This song is irritating.


I guess I have to get up soon.




I slept well.


I slept soundly.


I've got a good nights sleep.


I slept well last night.


I got enough sleep, so I'm not tired.




I didn't sleep well.


I didn't get a good night's sleep.


I didn't sleep much.


I didn't get much sleep.




I’m still sleepy.

 - まだ眠いな。

I’ve only slept four  hours today.


I slept only three hours today.


I couldn't sleep at all last night.


No matter how much I sleep, it's not enough.


I'm sleep deprived.


I'm suffering from lack of sleep.


Recently, I can't sleep well.


I don't sleep well these days.



Gee I'm so sleepy these days.





 I don't want to get out of bed.


I don't want to wake up.


I don't want to go to school.




It's already this time!


Oh no. I overslept./ I've overslept.



I'll be late for school.


I'm going to be tardy at the company.


Today I'm totally late.


I had only intended to sleep for 30 minutes, I slept for 2 hours.


Oh well, that's okay.


I'll think up a plausible excuse.





My neck hurts.


I slept funny.


I slept wrong.




I could use some water.


I need some water.


I could use some coffee.


I could use some juice.





I've got to change these sheets.


I have to change these sheets.


The pillowcase is dirty.


I wash this sheet today.


I guess I'll have to hang out the futon soon.


I'll have to hang out my futon  soon or later.